About Us

Shalom friends. In 2007, My Father’s House started out as a Prayer Ministry, who’s goal was, to prepare the way of the Lord, and to make Christ known to the Nations.     
Our Mission was to form prayer groups and initiate prayer events, and by doing this, introducing believers from different churches, denominations and prayer groups to practical prayer trips around South Africa and internationally. 
In the early stages of the ministry, we concentrated much of the times, to prayer for Mossel Bay, our home town.  The Lord Jesus has opened great doors for us to do more, and currently, we are focusing on doing prayer for our beloved country. For the last couple of years, we had the opportunity to minister before the Lords throne for different Nations, as His Spirit was leading us to do. And even the honour of visiting those Nations.    
In the words of Paul, the Apostle; “My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you.”   Our vision is the forming of Christ in the life’s of those who surrender to Him and to see the Kingdom of God establish in the earth, by and through the Spirit of Prayer.

About our leader

Pastor Edgar Hermanus, was born and raised in Mossel Bay, where he finished his schooling. 
It was during his last 2 years on school, that he met with the Lord Jesus who transform his life, and called him into ministry. God had given him a heart for His Son Jesus. It was out of this relationship with the Lord Jesus, that a heart for Prayer and Intercession was formed. 
In 1986 he joins the MISSIONS organisation YOUTH WITH A MISSION (YWAM)
In 1992 he got married to Denise, and four years later their daugther Nadia was born. Both Denise and Nadia also completed their training for missions in Ywam. They see themselves as missionaries with a calling, to be part of the forerunners in the Prayer Ministries in South Africa.

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